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Having upgraded from 1P3 that I have been using since 2011 to 1P6, I am confused re. separate Logins and Password categories in the Sidebar of the main 1P6 window. 1P3 had only one category: "Logins" which of course was the list of all my Logins each by definition containing a Password. Thus, in 1P3 the Category "Logins" contained all my active logins and all my active passwords.

What is the purpose of separate "Logins" and "Passwords" categories in 1P6? Obviously, I am missing something. My 1P6, for example, lists 251 Logins and 144 Password. Of course, some passwords may be re-used for different logins which would explain different counts. Still, there must more to that. Thus, under "Login" category I have one correct login for "esnipe", but under "Password" category I have listed five passwords for "esnipe" of which only one must be the current password. All five were created at about the same time probably with the help of 1P Password Generator of which I might had selected only one. Why they would be listed. If that is a normal pattern for "Password" category retaining all generated passwords, I would expect the password count to significantly exceed the confirmed active logins.

Also, the alphabetic lists of "Logins" and "Password" categories look very different. Thus of the first ten logins none is listed under password category.

All this is very confusing even for a long term 1P user. In the absence of a real User Guide specific to the version of 1P I have to take your time to address the issue, while I could resolve it myself with a regular User Guide. Unfortunately, "Knowledgebase", while helpful in many circumstance, is not a substitute for a systematic User Guide.

1Password Version: 6.8.9
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OS X 10.13.4
Sync Type: none


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    Hi there @drlevbk

    I can understand why there may be a little bit of confusion. Let me try to explain.

    The logins category is for exactly that, logins. Full logins, containing username and password and is what 1Password pulls from when logging in to a website. When a new login is saved with the browser extension it goes to the logins category.

    The passwords category is largely a failsafe category. Every time you use the password generator and either fill or copy a generated password, an entry is created in the passwords category. This is created as a backup in case something goes wrong. Say you are changing a password for a website, generate a new password, enter it in to the website's field, press the button to save the new password and, hold on, why didn't 1Password prompt you to update your login entry? Now you have an account with a password you don't know. All you need to do is go look in the passwords category and that generated password will be saved there for you to copy and edit your login entry appropriately.

    Normally these password entries are deleted when a proper login entry is created using them but sometimes that doesn't happen. So, periodically, you may want to go through the passwords category and clear out the redundant entries. Or not, it doesn't much matter.

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