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I am a longtime 1Password user, and now have the personal subscription for my personal use. I use this with my personal MBP.

I convinced my company to use 1Password for Teams and have that on my work MBP.

Recently noticed that some of my personal info was not syncing. Change something at work in my Primary and it wouldn't show up at home. Change something at home on my subscription and it wouldn't show up at work.

I believe I know the issue now, and feel kind of stupid.

I used to use dropbox for storing my data, and in at work it still shows that, but at home of course it shows my personal subscribed account. So I am syncing into two different places.

I think all I need to do is to add my companies account to my personal 1Password and vice versa. I notice you can set up more than one account in preferences.

Is there anyway I can "merge" my dropbox account with my personal one to see if there are conflicts and then remedy them? I am sure that I have changed some info on my dropbox account and that is now out of sync with my account.

Also, I want to add my wife to my personal account so we can have a set of shared info and she can have her private info - so a family account. However, I don't want to screw up anything more than I already have :). Want to fix the first problem and then see if I an add my wife on.

Thanks for making an incredible program that just keeps getting better and better!


1Password Version: 7.0.7
Extension Version: 4.7.2
OS Version: OS X 10.14 Beta
Sync Type: Multiple


  • Lars
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    I convinced my company to use 1Password for Teams and have that on my work MBP.

    Whoa, awesome! You're officially my Favorite Person of the Day™. :)

    No need to feel stupid; this isn't the easiest transition in the world, especially if you have more than one account that you own or belong to. I'm used to it because I have my (real) family's account, my (real) AgileBits account, and about seven or eight other "test" accounts. And I do this every day. But for a regular user, it can get a little confusing. The good news here is that in almost no case can one mess things up so badly that you lose your data, and once you've done this transition, you never have to do it again.

    What I'd recommend in your case is to go to each instance of 1Password and sort the data by Date Modified (this will include Date Created for new items, since that's their first modification, too: being created). Then you can check to see just how "off" the data is, since the time that you switched from Dropbox to If there doesn't look like much (or anything) that you need to change, you're good (and also lucky!). But if there are a few items, you can move only those items that have been changed. This may sound like more work but unless you have very few items in total, I'm virtually certain it will be less effort overall than going importing everything and trying to go through after the fact and weed out duplicates. How's that sound? Any questions?

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