Everything malfunctioning: where to start?

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So I've been a 1PW user since y'all launched, and I am now on the subscription plan. I have 1PW installed on my Macbook Pro, on my iPhone and my iPad. And everything has recently started misbehaving.

First, least important, and oddest fact: I let 1PW generate my primary super-duper secret password for getting into my vault. It gave me a truly impenetrable long pw with upper and lower case, numbers and symbols and punctuation. But then, on the screen for that particular log-in, it tells me that the quality of the password is TERRIBLE.

Odd, eh?

Second problem: I'm using Chrome and the 1PW extension has always worked without a problem. Those days are gone. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Chrome 1PW extension, and it's just not working. I click on it and get nothing.

Third, and most frustrating: Say I'm on Amazon, and it wants me to log-in. I'm on the log-in screen. I hit Command-backslash. It used to be that the form would be filled in by 1PW. Now I just get the basic 1PW screen, and it isn't even showing me the Amazon info.

So I have to search for Amazon on the 1PW screen, which I do. I select the password and copy it. Go back to the Amazon login screen, enter my email and then paste the copied pw into the right box. Except what gets pasted is at least twice the length of the password I copied from 1PW. I can't read what copied in, of course, but Amazon does not hesitate to tell me that I have entered the wrong password.

I go back to 1PW, recopy the PW, try again. Again, I am scolded for trying the wrong password. Now I have to call up the password in big type and type it into the amazon screen, and finally they allow me entrance.

You see? Chaos. Right now 1PW is far more trouble than it is worth. Very frustrating. I have also emailed customer support about all this, but they tell me this forum is faster. So here it is again. Any help much appreciated.

1Password Version: 7.0.7.
Extension Version:
OS Version: 10.13.6
Sync Type: iCloud


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    @greenery - I'm sorry for the various issues you're experiencing now. But please don't post the same question to multiple points of contact here. Generally, we try to answer user issues in the order we receive them, but when we have to stop and coordinate multiple replies/conversations about the same issue from the same person, among multiple teammates here, it can cause confusion and slows support times for everyone, including you. Since this is likely to involve specific details of your personal 1Password setup that should not be on this public forum, let's keep the conversation going via email if that's OK with you.

    ref: KLF-25846-442

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