Accessing Dropbox .agilekeychain on new device

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I'm trying to access some old logins from a .agilekeychain file in my dropbox. I recently switched to the new subscription version and it's already up and running with a new (clean) vault. There's a lot of trash in my old version but sadly enough, I did need some logins. Now I've been researching but no longer have access to an older device with the old version of 1PW to export the data I need.

Is there any other way to import the older file into the new version?

I'm not sure what my older version was but I'm currently running the subscription version.

1Password Version: 6.8.9
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • chadseld
    edited August 2018

    Hi Philip,

    You can import the older .agilekeychain format into 1Password 7 through the menu File > Import > 1Password Keychain.

    To keep things organized, you may want to create a new vault first, and then import your .agilekeychain into that vault.

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