I have an iMac desktop and a macbook laptop can I use my 1PW6 on both computers

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I already use 1PW6 on my iMac desktop. Will my license permit simultaneous use my new macbook laptop?

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  • Hi lillypad,

    Yes, 1Password is licensed per-person. So you can use the same license on all your computers.

    Let us know if you run into problems setting up sync. Enjoy!

  • lillypad
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    Thank you. Now another question. I have the stand alone 1PW6 obtained from the apple app store. Can I and / or should I upgrade to 1PW7 without moving to a membership, there is only me and my devices that use this software so the 'family' option is rather expensive for my needs.

  • danco
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    You wouldn't need family membership, individual membership would be enough if you decided to go for membership. If you want a licence, though, you need to get 1PW direct from AgileBits, not from the App Store. 1PW7 is a new purchase, so having 1PW6 already is of no relevance.

    There are features in the membership version that the licence version does not have, because they need access to 1password.com. The difference in price is a little unclear over the years, if you are a single person only using Macs, the cost benefit could go either way.

    The main reasons why people go with a licence rather than membership are that they have a philosophical objection to subscriptions or that they have a practical or philosophical reason not to have any data in the cloud. If neither of these apply to you, membership is easier and better.

  • Lars
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    @lillypad - @danco's comments sum up the state of things quite well. We have both the 1password.com membership and standalone licensing because some users prefer one or the other. Me? I'd take the 1password.com membership, every time -- there's just so many benefits that way. But if you want to stick with standalone licensing, you'll need to get 1Password 7 for Mac directly from our downloads page, not from the Mac App Store.

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