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I'm finding on several different Macs running v7, if I open 1Password Mini it brings the 1Password 7 app to the front and it covers up the Safari or Chrome window and any other non web app I'm using if that happens to be the front most app.. Happens most of the time... but just discovered not always. :-)

1Password Version: 7.0.7 (70007000)
Extension Version: 4.7.2
OS Version: 10.13.6
Sync Type: 1Password.com


  • hawkmoth
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    Sorry I cannot comment on your question, but you should definitely request the staff to assign you a different username. Since this is a public forum, everyone who wants to spam its users have access to the private email addresses people post here.

  • danco
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    The problem was not with the user name, but with the title of the post. I have edited it to have a new title.

  • Lars
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    @SBConsult - the mini in 1Password 7 for Mac is completely re-designed. I'm mentioning this because if you're new to 1Password 7 for Mac (and that was everybody, not long ago), it can be easy to mistake the new mini for a version of the main window. They are still separate things, however. That said, there IS a bug we're tracking currently that under some conditions, calling the mini forward will also result in the main app's window to appear as well. If you're rocking a 27" iMac Pro, maybe it's not so bad, but on smaller screens this can definitely be a problem. Our developers are aware of this one and working on a solution, so if this is what you're experiencing, then I wish I had a solution for you right now, but unfortunately I've nothing to share in terms of a timeline. Thanks for reporting it, and for your patience with us as we work towards a solution to the problem. :)

    ref: apple-1157

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