does 1PW ever initiate login attempt if it detects password conflict?

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We got a bank alert about a failed password attempt which we did not do. The bank told us password aggregators will try a login if it has detected a conflict between a stored password and the actual keystrokes. Is that true that 1PW will go off on its own and try to login?

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    Welcome to the forum, @sbeeryEM! No, absolutely not. I'm not sure what you mean by "password aggregators," but 1Password is a password manager. It never operates on its own; the only exception being if it detects that you've entered Login information to a website and submitted it, if you have this preference checked in Preferences > Browsers, it will offer to save the information as a new Login item. But 1Password will not try to sign into your accounts randomly on its own. Ever.

    I'd recommend you get as much information as you can regarding the intrusion -- or as much as the bank will give you: specific time of day, IP address (and/or geographical location) of the attempt, anything else they log which might help you to either recognize the attempt or confirm that it was NOT you and take appropriate measures.

    ref: HWQ-98582-567

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