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After much debate on if I wanted to keep 1Password (mostly because of how horrible the customer service people push the membership subscription and are simply rude to the people who post anything they do not agree with) I finally decided instead of waste money on the stand alone versions I would suck it up and just get the membership instead of taking the time converting to something else. (which is what you want anyway...)

Initially I didn't notice anything wrong after I imported all of my items except the tag's stating I imported the items from my keychain (Can I get rid of this in mass??). However when I went to create a new secure note on the Windows application and I wanted to attach some documents the ability to do so was missing. I do not recall for sure but I am pretty sure it existed in 1Password 4 and I know it is in the Mac app.

After doing some google searches I saw that it was "as designed" and when your vault exists on the 1Password server it stores them as Documents and then links to the items. So the first thing I thought was "no one can be that stupid (no offense to whoever created it)" and so I went into my 1Password vault and sure enough, documents.. Bunch of garbage names, Screen shots, various other gibberish. I saw some silly responses about vault download times and local phone storage. That is a small issue, phones have a ton of storage these days and are quite fast, even on the slowest connections.

I finally went with the membership for ease of use and the ability to use all of the applications. But honestly I just can't deal with the Document thing. I uploaded a small vault as test and now when I search I have an imported tag on everything and all of my attachments are now stand alone items which mean nothing?

That being said before I spend the time moving all of my stuff to another service (and yes I know you do not care and you want me to be happy and not feel stuck with the solution I provide as long as I do not store my passwords on a napkin!!) I was just wondering if there is an actual time line of when the attachments will be fixed. So questions.

1) Will the "Documents" issue be fixed.
2) If the Documents issue is to be fixed, when?
3) If the Documents issue is to be fixed what will happen to all of the currently jacked up records?
4) If I go back to my Dropbox vault will you be putting the attachment button back into the Windows version?

Please do not respond to this with the standard crap about how great your membership is. I do not want this to come off as entirely negative, I have enjoyed using the product over the years but the entire push towards memberships honestly is just being poorly pushed and the silly posts I've seen where you try to justify the high costs of the stand alone (and no bundles) since the people who use stand alone cost you more money to support (which I call BS, I have never asked you people for anything). Also the silly comments on bundles how people think they are getting more than just Mac and Windows (when it says MAC AND WINDOWS) is also insane. If I could have gotten the membership and you didn't create a bunch of trash in my vault and require me to go through multiple steps to even see the attachments I would have continued to pay the membership and gone on with my life. But some things are hard to ignore and this is one of them.


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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @Nick323

    Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback.

    The ability to remove a tag from all tagged items had to be removed temporarily while we re-work it due to a conflict with sub-tags.

    Membership vaults do not have “attachments” per se, but they do have Documents which can be linked to one or more items (in this way they are more flexible than attachments from standalone vaults). 1Password 7 for Windows can create Document items and link those to/from other items.

    We are investigating the possibility of implementing something more closely resembling attachments for membership vaults, where the “attachment” doesn’t live independently from the parent item, but that is just brainstorming at this point. I couldn’t say when or if it’ll happen.

    1Password 7 does support adding attachments to standalone vaults (like those stored in Dropbox).

    I hope that helps!


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