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How in the world do you apply a license key?

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I'm absolutely mystified regarding how one is supposed to apply their license key!
I follow the directions - go to the email, click the link to apply.... and the app hangs on a screen showing "Downloading your license from AgileBits server.


1Password Version: 6.8.8
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 10.13.6
Sync Type: iCloud


  • LarsLars

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    @justinjames - sorry for the trouble you're having just now with applying your license. If you've got the email with the link that says "Click Here to Apply Your 1Password License," that should certainly work for you. If you open your Downloads folder (or whatever folder you have your browser's downloads set to go to), can you see anything in there that looks like this?

    If so, that's your license. If you're not sure, do a search on onepassword-license -- this is the file name of 1Password licenses for version 6. You should be able to double-click it to open 1Password and license your copy. Or, you can launch 1Password if it isn't already open, and click 1Password > License and install it that way. Let me know how that works for you, or if you don't see anything that looks like a license in your Downloads folder.

  • justinjamesjustinjames
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    I have the license file there... Good news - I figured out the problem.

    The issue is with the release - 6.8.8 is buggy and was the problem. The issue went away after an unusual amount of work finding a newer release (6.8.9) This resolved the issue.

    I want to emphasize this was a LOT of trouble and took far longer than it should have.

    If the company was more forthcoming about where to get the updated release, I would have up and working much faster and far more happy with the experience. As it worked out this didn't happen.

    I have to say - 1Passwords push to get everyone on a monthly subscription. I understand the need to generate more money, Money pays bills. However, I will there is deliberate effort to make this hard on us who really don't see the value in the subscription (I am not a fan of the practice).
    All in all, this has left me with a lot of resentment toward the company and I'm unlikely I'll ever buy a product from the company again.

  • LarsLars

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    The issue went away after an unusual amount of work finding a newer release (6.8.9) This resolved the issue.

    I'm sorry for the trouble you were experiencing, but 6.8.8 wasn't known to be buggy in this regard, and the ONLY change in 6.8.9 - literally - was updating the code signature for Opera browser, because the developers changed it. I'm happy to hear that installing a fresh copy of 1Password 6 for Mac appears to have solved your issue, but just updating from 6.8.8 to 6.8.9 isn't what did it.

    I'm also a bit surprised it was so difficult for you to find the 6.8.9 update. Searching around shouldn't have been necessary. If you've been a 1Password user for a while, how had you been receiving updates in the past? If you've got the Mac App Store version of 1Password, updates should become available to you the same way updates for any other software purchased or downloaded through the Mac App Store does. And if you had our version instead of the Mac App Store version, 1Password will automatically check for updates each time you launch it (and periodically otherwise), as long as you've got this setting checked:

    Did you? It's hard to say at this point because you've removed the old version, but it might be worth checking now anyway to make sure that box is checked, so you're notified of new updates automatically in the future. :)

    I have to say - 1Passwords push to get everyone on a monthly subscription. I understand the need to generate more money...

    That's not the reason we recommend 1password.com memberships to most of our users; it's because, with a 1password.com membership, licensing issues like the one you just had are simply non-existent because licenses themselves don't exist in 1password.com memberships. Given that you replaced the copy of 1Password that was giving you trouble, it's a moot point (and what was actually causing the trouble is likely no longer discoverable), but this is an entire class of potential problems that simply doesn't happen with a 1password.com membership. If you don't see the value in not having to spend your time thusly, I'm not quite sure what to say about that, given that it seems to have bothered you. Glad you're back up and running with 6.8.9, and let us know if you have any other issues or questions.

  • justinjamesjustinjames
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    That isn't the preferences page I remember for 6.8.8.... But I did try to update.

    In my license email here is the link to download the app (Without 6.8.8 listed or any tips on where to go)

    I really do appreciate your response.

  • LarsLars

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    @justinjames - that's 1Password 7 for Mac, which is what I'm using now because it's the current version. However, here's what you'd see in 6.8.8:

    https://1password.com/downloads is our main downloads page. It's devoted to all four platforms for which we develop 1Password (Mac, Windows, iOS and Android) For legacy versions, you'd want to look just underneath the current downloads:
    We also keep an active list of every version ever released, so anyone can download a specific version if they need to.

    But the best way to keep your copy of 1Password up to date is to make sure the box is checked in Preferences > Updates. Hope this helps. :)

  • justinjamesjustinjames
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    It really does help Lars. I do appreciate you taking the time to respond and the help you offer.

    I hope you take my criticism in the way it's meant to be - constructive. I've been a developer for some 20+ years. I myself have been guilty of it as well as countless others. What is it that I've been guilty of? Blaming the user for a terrible experience. It's obvious to you where to go and what things do. We both have vastly different configs, environments, and knowledge of the site and product. Simply put, You know this stuff far better than I. I simply don't spend on time on your site unless I absolutely have to, no offense intended. I'm as busy as everyone else.

    You might want to ask others or do a poll and consider the feedback you get.


  • LarsLars

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    @justinjames - thanks! It's good to get outside perspective on things. I appreciate the feedback. Let us know if you have any further issues or questions, and have a great weekend.

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