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Can't log into account

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I installed 7.1.1 on a High Sierra system but can’t log in. Go through the bar code sync (really wish this was more up front and not so buried) and used Authy and entered the master password and got a couldn’t be verified notification. Not sure what’s going on but locking out the user is not a good user experience.


  • LarsLars

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    @TomWolsky - I'm sorry for the trouble! You've been with us for a while; is it possible you're using an outdated Emergency Kit? If you're using the correct Setup Code (looks like a QR code), 1Password should auto-populate with all your information filled correctly except for your Master Password. If you get errors, either the Setup Code is for a different account (if you have ever had one), or you've changed something about the current account (like regenerated the Secret Key) since the Setup Code you're trying to use was generated...or you're mis-entering the Master Password.

    Are you able to visit https://my.1password.com and sign in using your Secret Key and Master Password?

  • TomWolskyTomWolsky
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    Sorry or the delay in getting back to you Lars. This is a backup OS that I don't go into that often.

    Yes, I can sign into my.1password.com. The secret key has the correct opening digits and the master password works. The master password just doesn't seem to work in the application. When I select 1password.com and click on Add next to the account name, I get the panel for the master password, which I enter. This is followed by the request for the authentication code.

    Ah, figured it out. Authy is used by two applications. I didn't release I had to select the application in Authy, or it would generate a code for the other application. I kind of assume the generated codes were equally valid.

    Thanks for making me look at this again.

  • LarsLars

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    @TomWolsky - glad you figured it out! :)

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