Move teams account (and data) to EU region



Is it possible to move our teams/business account from the US ( region to the EU ( region? We are using the US region for some years now, before the EU region was there. We'd now like to move the data and usage to the EU region, for GDPR and other compliance reasons.


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  • Hi @Roels,

    Unfortunately the answer is “not easily.” For compliance reasons the .com and .eu regions don’t have any contact with each other, and so there is no automated way to migrate a membership from one to the other. That said if you have a relatively small team or haven’t stored much data in 1Password yet it may be worth while. It will require some manual effort on the part of each user. Please reach out to our business team at for further details.


  • Roels
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    Hi, I will do that, thanks!

  • You’re very welcome. :+1:


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