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    Thank you for chiming in on this too @Rob Raymond, I have let the developers know that you would also find this useful :+1:

    ref: dev/projects/customer-feature-requests#16

  • I'd like to add my +1 to the multiple usernames with the same password… request. There have been some good 'workarounds' suggested in this thread and also here:

    However they're all time consuming and not proper solutions. Similar to Rob Raymond the school I work at (1500 users) has systems that require:

    So for the 1P devs & their working out what to prioritise… that's a +1500 ;) .
    It affects all our 1500 users having to change up to 4 login items every 90 days and that's 1500 users that have to ignore WatchTower's Reused Password section.

    I appreciate that the seemingly simple idea of linking groups of URL's to one of several usernames in a single login item has implications for 7 different 1Password apps now, but I think this frustration and the various work-arounds are going under-reported to your dev team. I think this is affecting more users than you think it is.

    As SSO and password-hash-sync become more & more pervasive, having 1Password be the first to support this common enterprise scenario will give you a clear market advantage.

    Just my 10¢ worth :)

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    Noted @cdowning, thank you :)

  • Just a +1 from me also. I'm using the workaround of separating the multiple usernames to logins without passwords, and using a separate password item without a username to fill the password separately. It gets the job done for now, but it would be nice to have this use case properly supported, too.

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    Thanks, @mikmart. We've taken note of the request, and appreciate your feedback! 🙂

  • Multiple logins with a single password would be a very good feature to have. I understand why it might be difficult to consolidate all of the username variations into single login item. There just aren't many good ways to make a useful UI for handling that kind of functionality. Not to step on anyone's toes, but UX is my background and I do have some suggestions for ways to go about that.

    1. Keep single username the default, but allow adding username fields. All logins should default to using the first username. Under Websites and Linked Apps have a checkbox for "Use a Different Username". When checked, a dropdown menu us revealed below/beside to select which username should be used. Usernames may need some sort of UUID or other identifier in the background to maintain references if the order/name changes. If a user tries to delete a username that's in use, either a warning will need to be displayed or the override username field will need to be reset. This is probably the most work, but the most cleanest and usable UI overall.

    2. Add a new SSO item type. The SSO item has all of the same fields as login, but you add multiple logins (though the password is global and at the top). Each named login section has fields for username, website, and linked apps. Ideally each named login section should allow multiple websites and linked apps, but it could be acceptable to use the SSO item like a sub-vault and have a separate login for each website/app. This may or may not be easier for you to implement than option 1, but it isn't quite as nice and clean as the first option.

    3. Add a linked field option for the password field. A user selects "Link Existing Password" from the ellipses menu next to the password field, then selects the entry that the password should inherit from. After that, it should show inherited from next to the password. It should either block manual editing of the password field, or update the linked entry's password upon edit. Depending on your structure, this is probably the easiest one to build out and the most extensible, but it's a bit sloppy and not as friendly to less advanced users. This is also probably better than option 2 if you are only able to do sub-vaults.

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    edited August 18

    Hey @palendrance!

    We definitely appreciate you taking the time and effort to leave the extensive and detailed suggestions here!

    As you mentioned, this is something that's certainly a difficult task to undertake, but I do totally understand how this could help folks in some workflows.

    I've gone ahead and added your voice to the internal issue that we've filed with our development, alongside the feedback you've left here! 😊

  • wizofozwizofoz
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    I would like to support the above requests, of linking same e-mail/password credentials to numerous URLs. This would also help with my corporate account (even though we are using SSO), as well as it applies to my university account.

    I'd also like to add another detail for consideration, pls:
    over the years, I have aggregated many URLs with the same e-mail/password credentials. For both work places, I have 15-20 different URLs, that share the same password, and Watchtower constantly reports this as an issue. I would like to clean this up, in a user-friendly way:

    E.g. I would dream of 'consolidating' those individual logins, by
    1. listing them all in a column (by doing a search on 'userxyz'),
    2. selecting them all (by shift-click on all entries)
    3. merging those multiple entries into one new login, that holds: userxyz/password - AND all those URLs from the previously selected entries, within that new login (as separate URL fields, instead of me manually updating those URLs). - That is new new feature we need!)
    4. going forward, I could use the same userxyz/password for all those URLs. When prompted by my corporate security, I would then only have to change one password for all the SSO sites - and I'd be done!

    Hope that helps and I could make my request clear enough.

    Thanks for considering this request, which would make our lives certainly much easier with 1password, which already is a great product!

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    I would like to support the above requests, of linking same e-mail/password credentials to numerous URLs.

    If all of these items have the same email and password, as you write, you can already do this by adding multiple URLs to the same login item. Currently this needs to be done manually by adding the URLs to an entry though, so I certainly can see how it would be useful to have a "consolidate" command :+1:

  • Right, I understood that I can already do this manually.

    Yet, whenever I want to login to a new URL with that same email/PWD combination, on the same (corporate) domain, I have to create a new login first, before I can edit it or 'append' a new URL to an existing one. The suggested manual consolidation can only happen afterwards. And that is a bit of a painful process, doing many steps manually.

    That's why that consolidate feature would really be useful. Alternatively, it would be nice to append a new URL to an existing login, as part of the 1password plugin in my browser.

    Thanks for bringing this fwd! 👍🏻

  • @wizofoz If it's the same username, the same password, and the same domain, you should be able to log in on any URL without making any changes. Try changing the URL in the login to just

  • Thanks for your suggestion, @benmattison .

    Technically its always a different subdomain, so this would not work.
    e.g with my university it would look as follows (examples):

    Beyond that, some domains use the same credentials, but would even have a completely different subdomain/domain structure.

    Looking fwd to anything like the consolidation feature as above.

  • @wizofoz I work at a university too, and that's exactly my setup! Try putting in and ignoring the subdomain and see what happens.

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    That is a good suggestion: since 1Password works at the domain level for matching credentials, this will work even if the subdomains are different or removed completely from the URL :+1:

  • Hey everyone,

    i've read through all of this topic which is quite interesting. I want to suggest the following for "solving" this kind of problem:

    Make it possible to "link" items regarding something like:

    I link a password together but not the username, which resolves at watchtower as this is "one big item" kinda stuff.

    This would basically allow to how multiple OTP, Usernames, E-Mails etc. with the same password. This shouldn't be a big change to make and could help with this issue?

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    Thank you for the suggestion @disi! We don't know yet how this would look like, but I know that this is one of the options that our developers have been discussing :+1:

  • This also applies to E-Mail (POP/IMAP) credentials and the corresponding webmail login...

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Correct @aliminat0r :+1:

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