Reinstalled iOS - lost everything!

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I went to the mac store and they had to reinstall the iOS... I can sign back into 1password but I have nothing inside 1Password, no data, passwords or anything... does that mean all the passwords were stored locally on my hard drive which is now wiped??? I had believed my iphone to be synced as well since I had signed into 1password on my iphone with the same email and master password... but same problem - no password data or anything... just a "welcome to 1password"! Frustrated!

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    Welcome to the forum, @idiot! I'm sorry to hear about the data loss -- but it may (and I emphasize may) not be completely lost, depending on what specifically happened. I see you've also asked this same question of our email support team, so let's keep the conversation going in that non-public forum since this will likely involve discussion of the details of your specific setup. Thanks. :)

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