How do I move 1P window?

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I just upgraded to 1P7. When I go to a website the 1P window that pops up sits right in the middle of the browser window, right where I don't want it, often obscuring the ID/PW blanks on the website. Since 1P7 doesn't play well with all websites (or maybe it is Safari, not sure, but didn't have this nuisance with 1P6) I want to see the login blanks. I'd like to be able to push the 1P7 popup to the side. What is the magic? Clicking in the popup and trying to move it doesn't work.

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  • Lars
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    @Rick Cunn - sorry for the trouble. You need to grab the mini by the top edge (within a few pixels), and you can drag it to whatever position on the screen you like. Give that a try. :)

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