Why no upgrade notification? Why still agilekeychain?

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1Password user for several years. I just discovered there's a new version 7. I am astounded that despite purchasing and visiting the App Store frequently, I never got notified. That's surprising.

I am still backing up in .agilekeychain format. So today I find out that you converted to the OPVault format years ago. That's also disappointing.


How do I convert to the new OPVault format?
Is the subscription model the only form of 1Password now? Do I need the subscription model to sync between two apple devices? I don't want to use browser extensions but I would like the same vault synced between desktop and iPhone.


1Password Version: 1Password Version 6.8.8 (688001) Mac App Store
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OS X 10.13.6
Sync Type: Not Provided
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  • @snsokstan,

    1Password 7 isn't a free update for 1Password 6 users so we made it a separate SKU in the Mac App Store. This would explain why you're not seeing it as an update. We also decided to not make the Mac App Store version as a standalone purchase anymore, so if you wanted to stick with a standalone purchase you would need to transition over to using the version from our website at https://1password.com/downloads.

    To switch over to the OPVault format you can navigate to the Preferences window in the version of 1Password you're currently using, navigate to the Sync tab, click on the vault you're currently syncing and set its sync destination to none. After its set to none you can then re-choose the type of Sync you were previously using, if its dropbox choose the folder that the agilekeychain is in rather than the agilekeychain itself. This will cause 1Password to create an opvault, you'll then do a similar action on any of the devices you're syncing with, except you'll pick the opvault file instead of the agilekeychain one.

    Subscription is not the only way to license 1Password, standalone is still an option from our website, just not from the Mac App Store anymore.

  • snsokstan
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    Thanks. I did that and now I have the OpVault backup.

    I also downloaded 1Password 7 to try. However, now I can't find my old version of 1Password 6. I hope it was not wiped out.

  • 1Password 6 and 1Password 7 should not be installed alongside each other as there is a high chance of conflict between them. If you need to revert to 1Password 6 in the future please see this post:

    How to: Revert to 1Password 6 for Mac from version 7


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