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Hello together.

We are thinking about it to take 1Password cause it is really nice and helpfull in the beta already for us. But I have a question what would be nice to have an answer.

Is there a function to activate if we disable an account in Azure which is synced with 1Password to get a notification that this user was set to inactive and left the company so we have to change the passwords he has seen? Because there will be several people managing the passwords and several for Azure. And if somebody left the company they just have to deactivate an account without a notification to the password manager guys because it would happen automatically.

Thanks for your answers.

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  • Hi @Lavundi

    It is possible through our beta SCIM bridge to have users added and removed from Azure AD be added and removed from 1Password:

    SCIM bridge — 1Password Forum

    There is not currently a way to get a notification of what passwords someone had access to when they are removed, but we appreciate the request and will take it into consideration.



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