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Ok, I am not sure this is possible or even something that would be looked at. But I would love to see the ability to create linked passwords between multiple logins in 1Password. I will try and explain using my workflow.

Like many people, I have a main password that I use to log in to my computer (and is also my work AD password.) Our work AD is local, so I use a userid (e.g. TriBruin) and my password. So, my first entry is a simple login. (That never is used for autofill). When I do a password change, I use this Login to generate the new password and update my password in our AD.

However, we also use Azure AD for SSO to many sites (O365, Sharepoint). To login to those I sites I go to a SSO page in our domain and use my email address (e.g. email@company.com) and my AD password. So, when I update my AD password, I have to update the 1P entry for this login (tied to a URL).

And, we still have legacy websites that do NOT use Azure AD for SSO, but instead use simple LDAP lookups against our AD. Each time I go to one of these sites, right after changing my AD password, I have to manually update each of those entries with the new password.

Ideally, I would love a way to create 1P logins that have "linked" passwords. If I change a password on the "master" entry, the passwords are updated on all children entries.

Just a request. Not sure it is even possible.

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  • Hi @Tribruin

    It would be possible to create a single login item that has multiple website fields listed on it. That way you'd only have to update your AD credentials in one place. Filling could potentially be less accurate with this method, but it is the only available solution I'm aware of at the moment.


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