How do I change password used to open 1Password on my computer?

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I want to change the password I use to open 1Password on my desktop. I am not asking about the master password. I only want to to update the password I use to open 1Password on my desktop computer so I can make it match the one I use on my laptop.

I found this same question on this forum but the answer only explained how to the changing the master password. So forgive me for being redundant but I am NOT asking how to change my master password. I only need to know how to change the one I use to open 1Password on my computer.

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  • Hi @DaveAH,

    I'm afraid I don't understand your question. The password used at the lock window to open 1Password on your desktop is your Master Password. If you are entering a password to start 1Password in another place, could you send a screenshot (without the password filled in) of the window where you would enter this password that is not the Master Password.

    Note that Master Passwords can differ between machines if you are not syncing the same vaults, or are syncing just one of multiple vaults. If you want to provide a bit more details about your setup between your desktop and laptop, please let us know.


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    You can have this issue if, for example, you have a local (e.g. Primary) vault, and then later added a account. Your vault may be still using the Primary vault's Master Password password and not the Master Password.

    I finally just dealt with this on my main Mac. I had to disable Preferences > Advanced > Allow creation of vaults outside of 1Password accounts.

    Be careful - don't do this if you still have data there.

    Once that vault is removed, 1Password will notice and migrate you to your's Master Password. Then, you can re-enable vaults outside of 1Password accounts, should you need them.

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    Indeed, the Master Password for the first vault/account setup in the app will be the one used to unlock.

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