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Justin Case
Justin Case
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MacOS will pop up a captive portal login window of a hotspot when having connected to it via WiFi.
I found no way to get 1Password to fill in the user and password strings into that login window. Instead, I had to lookup this information manually and copy-paste it manually into the popup window.

The expected way this should work is that 1Password has a context menu or an icon in the captive portal popup window, or any other way to fill in the login details there, and not requiring the user to copy paste it manually.

Is there a way to get this in 1Password now?

1Password Version: 6
Extension Version: Not relevant
OS Version: MacOS 10.13 or higher
Sync Type: Not relevant


  • Lars
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    @Justin Case - there isn't. Those menu items are not actually part of Safari or other browsers; it's generated by the system itself, and there's currently no way to accomplish what you're asking for, due to that.

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