Need to buy 1password for both pc and mac

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Hi there, new to 1password, so far so good. I have 1password on my mac and need to use it on my pc and iphone. I have drop box set up and intend to use that. My question is does my licence for the mac extend to using it on pc and iphone or do I need to pay for each platform, thanks eric.


  • khad
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    1Password is licensed per user, per platform. Since there is only one of you, you'll just need to focus on the "per platform" part. If you don't already have a license for 1Password for Windows, you will need to purchase one if you wish to use 1Password on your PCs. (Note that wrote that in the plural. Since 1Password is licensed "per user" your license for each platform is good for an unlimited number of machines as long as you are the only user.)

    All that said, however, I looked up your account in our system and you already have a 1Password for Windows license. (Technically, you purchased a bundle license, so you can just use the same license key in 1Password for Windows that you use for 1Password for Mac.) If you need to look up your license key, please use this page:

    Unfortunately, since the iTunes App Store is a separate entity controlled by Apple, we can't control how applications are sold. If we could offer upgrades or bundles or discounts, we'd love to explore those options, but sadly, we can't do that at this time. We're sorry that we can't be more flexible regarding iOS app sales. You will need to purchase a copy of 1Password from the iTunes App Store.

    Fortunately, all our apps are on sale right now. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!
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    We don't do thanksgiving in Oz, but happy to thank you and everybody for another day above the ground....

    cheers eric.
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