Disable Notifications for 2 factor codes

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I would appreciate an option in preferences to not have notifications to say that the 2 factor code is copied to the clipboard, and the second notification that the clipboard has been restored. I understand that I can disable notifications entirely in System Preferences, but I would still like notifications for things like updates. This applies to iOS and Mac.

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  • Lars
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    @ridogi - it's something we can consider for future updates, but I can't say I think it's likely it will change. We've basically got two options: remove the notifications entirely, or add a preference/toggle/checkbox. The first is quite unlikely; making sure people know when that's been copied is something most users want. And the second (toggle/checkbox/preference), well...let's just say we get dozens of requests for "just a checkbox" each week. Even if we had the time to pursue them all, it would leave 1Password's UI bedecked with so many preferences/checkboxes/toggles for this or that feature as to be forbiddingly difficult or off-putting to use, for most non-power users. Not to mention adding complexity to the code. I'll certainly pass along your wishes, however.

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