Cant completely (quit) 1Pass in order to update, extension not working right, plus a few others..

well i guess the #1 issue is that i cannot completely quit or shut down 1password, as i need to in order to actually perform the app store update on mac (mojave), thought maybe it was the extension running in background (which is also totally not doing what i think it should be), but lets get this update figured out first then maybe i'll have time for other issues. is there no phone support for this App at all???

1Password Version: 7.1.2 (mac app store)(trial)
Extension Version: 4.7.3 (auto update is on)
OS Version: 10.14 (mojave)
Sync Type: iCloud (phone/pad/mac)
Referrer: forum-search:lots of problems need phone support


  • Now I'm really confused, i thought i was entering into some type of chat or real-time correspondence of some sort, but apparently I've just posted this info to a public forum ??? I thought i was starting a chat of some kind because after i scrolled down my "search results" to a question, i noticed the separate box to fill in my question....(the one that says: don't see what your looking for?, the 1 password team would be happy to assist you).....That is VERY misleading, it should simply say: "post your question / concern to the public Forum".

    I just can't believe how a service that deals with the most sensitive materials of our lives doesn't even have a way to contact customer support !!! ? Are you serious?? And, i have no idea when someone will answer my posted questions either, since there is no clear indication of how this even works, i didn't see anything mentioned at all, like a time limit before someone answers, or if i can close the forum and go about my business since i'll receive answers via email ??? Will there be a notification of some kind ??

    I don't know, i have over 10-15 problems with this app spanning across Mac OS and iOS, and its getting worse the more i use this, how am i ever going to be able to use this when i cant get answers fast ??
    If i don't get a phone support option in the next 48 hours, i am definitely cancelling this before I'm in too far.

  • vplewisvplewis Junior Member

    @Person AgileBits does not offer phone support. Maybe you could post specific questions about your 10-15 problems and the community will help you resolve them. Someone from AgileBits will be along soon, as well. hth

  • dancodanco Senior Member Community Moderator

    All threads are answered in due course by AgileBits staff, though it sometimes takes a long time, and other users can often answer faster. The forum is usually the first port of call, but if your question is sensitive (billing or the like) you will be guided to give further information by email.

    You can set up notifications for answers. In my case (as I am a moderator it might be slightly different for a standard user) I click on my name and that takes me to a page which has a picture top right. Clicking on that takes me to a page where I can set notifications as preferred.

    You ask one specific question, which I think I can answer. You need to quite 1PW COMPLETELY (that is, quit 1PW Mini as well as the main program). That is easiest done with 1PW by ctrl-option-cmd-Q rather than just cmd-Q, or can be done from the gear wheeliconof the Mini (item in main menu bar). I believe this won't be necessary for future upgrades.

  • Hi @Person,

    We do respond to every post from a user in our forums, even if it's only to confirm that something posted by a fellow user of 1Password is correct. At least for the original question relating to quitting 1Password danco's answer is correct.

    You can quit 1Password complete through one of the following three methods.

    1. The keyboard shortcut ⌃⌥⌘Q (ctrl + alt/option + cmd + Q) from the main 1Password window.
    2. If 1Password is currently running hold down the alt/option key and click on the 1Password icon in the macOS menubar at the top of the screen. Select the menu option Quit 1Password Completely.
    3. From the main 1Password window, enter the 1Password 7 menu and hold down the ⌃⌥ (ctrl + alt/option) modifier keys. The final menu option will change from Quit 1Password to Quit 1Password Completely.

    danco is also correct in that we're hoping that once people have updated to 1Password 7.2.1 that they won't have to go through this annoying dance again. We won't know for sure until the update after 7.2.1 but the developers seem confident that they've finally got that problem resolved.

    If you deem telephone support an absolute must then 1Password may not be for you. We offer support in these forums and via email but we don't have telephone support I'm afraid. If you would like to continue the troubleshooting please let us know.

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