Trying to install on Mojave is pretty much a disaster

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I suppose I only have myself to blame... I usually wait to a .1 release of MacOS before upgrading. I didn't do that this time, and trying to get 1Password installed on either Safari or Chrome is pretty much a complete hot mess.

When I choose "Install Browser Extensions" from the 1Password App menu, it redirects me to a web page that offers to let me download the main 1Password app. This is terribly terribly confusing, and I can't blame Apple for this one. Like so many other posters on here, I had a ton of problems finding the 1Password Safari extension. The only way I could get it in the end was dig down into obscure links in the support forum. At least I got it.

Now, on Chrome, because I signed into Chrome my extensions were automatically installed, but for whatever reason the Chrome extension can't connect to 1Password app. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, no dice. At this point, I'm pretty much at a loss. At least as far as Chrome goes.


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  • Hi mattyf,

    I'm sorry for the confusion. We recently moved the browser extensions into the same webpage as the 1Password app downloads. But the extension installation buttons don't look like buttons, and this is leading to confusion.

    Here is the link for Chrome:

    and for Opera:

    and for Firefox:

  • AlanMN
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    The only way I can update thru the App Store is to disable the "keep 1Password Extension Helper running" preference. Then the app will update. However, I cannot auto fill logins in Safari. 1Password blinks on/off when I try the extension in the toolbar and does nothing else. I have to open the application in Finder and then copy/paste the username and password. That is for all the sites I need to login to.

  • @AlanMN

    That won’t be a problem in updates subsequent to v7.2.1, so please re-enable that setting.


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