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I'm failing miserably at getting ATD to save correctly in 1Password. Can this be looked at?


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  • Hi @rctneil,

    Can you let me know the URL please and I'll happily take a look and let you know what I find. To ensure and findings are accurate can you also let me know what version of 1Password you're using please. I'd hate to only confuse matters and report on say 1Password 7's behaviour if you were running 1Password 6 where there is a difference in the filling code.

  • and very latest versions of everything as of today.

  • Hello @rctneil,

    Thank you for the URL but I will need to learn the exact version of 1Password you have I'm afraid. There are a number of scenarios where 1Password could report there are no available updates but it doesn't mean you're running the most current version. I apologise for the insistence but it does have the potential to affect the results as filling has changed a lot over the years and between versions of 1Password.

  • 1Password 7
    Version 7.2.2.BETA-0 (70202000)
    AgileBits Beta

  • Thanks @rctneil :smile:

    Okay, so they have a really weird sign-in page unless I'm missing something obvious. I've only found so far and that asks for an order ID as well as the email address meaning it must change for each order. I don't know if there's a second stage or not but given they only allow you to create an account after placing an order I won't be able to find out.

    What I did find is if I use the steps laid out on How to save a Login manually in your browser that while the item will make the weirdest choice in designating a field for the username that it will fill both fields using the item saved. I could also manually adjust the designated field so it displayed the order ID and filing still seemed correct.

    I don't know if you've played about with the saved form details before but if you haven't the following will help.

    1. Save a Login item using the steps on How to save a Login manually in your browser.
    2. Locate the Login item in your vault and enter edit mode.
    3. Click the View Saved Form Details button.
    4. 1Password has erroneously designated the last field (labeled EMAIL_FIELD) as representing the username and is flagged as such by the silhouette of the person. In the corresponding area in the field labeled username click to reveal a small menu and select the silhouette of the person. That corrects 1Password mistake without altering the saved form details.
    5. Save.

    You should find it now shows the ticket ID as the username which should help in differentiating if you have multiple entries and it should fill both fields and allow you to sign in.

    If there is a second stage where they ask for more filling please let me know as I can't tell from the first page.

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