Dropbox Sync, Membership Sync and Master Password Duplicate?

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Hi Crew :-)
I hope my note finds you well.
Today I merged from standalone to membership.
Do I still sync with my dropbox or is Syncing now done via 1Password?
My sync tab shows I am still syncing via DropBox. Is that correct to do so?
My vault seems to show the new one - vault tab appears like this. Is that correct?
I also now have a need for 2 Master Passwords.
On the 1password site I use my new 10 digit pw, and on my iMac I used my old shorter master pw.
I'm confused and would like to know how I use only the new 10 digit password, please?
Thank you in advance for your help. Here's hoping you have a great weekend.
Keep In Happy Places, Duncan ॐ

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  • Lars
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    @discobig - sorry for the delay in our response. When you use a 1password.com membership, syncing occurs automatically with no additional setup, maintenance or troubleshooting required by you. You don't need Dropbox or iCloud or anything else. Just sign into your account inside the 1Password app on any device you want to use 1Password on, and you're all set.

    However, there IS some initial setup: you have to transfer your data from your older, local (standalone) vaults to your 1password.com account's vaults, and to do that, you first have to add your account into 1Password into the 1Password app on your Mac. It appears you may have done that on one Mac? The one in your second screenshot? Once you've transferred your data from your standalone vaults/Dropbox sync to your 1password.com account on one Mac, you don't need to keep doing it on other Macs. But you do need to sign into your account on the second Mac, and get rid of the no-longer-needed Primary vault in both places. Here's how:

    1. Open your 1password.com account in a browser and sign in ( https://my.1password.com/). Do you see a complete and up-to-date copy of your data there? Or is there still some data on one or more of your devices' Primary vault(s) that is NOT in your account yet? If you still have standalone data in Primary vault(s) that is not yet in your account, stop here and do not take the following steps. Assuming your data is all viewable in your account when viewed in a browser, proceed below
    2. On any device (Mac or iOS) that was previously syncing via Dropbox, add your account to the app if it isn't already.
    3. Remove all existing standalone vaults. If you have only the Primary vault, do the followinging:
      • On a Mac - open Preferences > Advanced and UN-check the box marked "Allow creation of vaults outside 1Password accounts."
      • On an iOS device - open Settings > Vaults and click "Delete Primary Vault," select your Primary vault, and click "Delete vault."

    Let me know how you get on with that. You should end up with ONLY your 1Password account (Personal) vault visible in the Vaults tab.

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