Disabling 1Password X for specific fields/forms (web developer question)



  • I look forward to future development in this area. I had been using 1Password 7 and then discovered X and I love it (other than no touch ID, which they are working on) but the auto fill in everywhere is blocking me from being able to see text below the field. The press command + . image covers things up. I certainly appreciate all the hard work of the developers on such a great product.

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Thank you for the kind words @charango622! And thank you also for the feedback :)

  • @ag_jarek I have a page that allows users to add many key => value pairs, the key input is always a text input but the type of the value input may be either text or password if the user has chosen to encrypt that key pairs value. I think this conflicts with your point above
    "The form in question has at least one field that appears to be a password and at least one field that appears to be a username". Do you have any suggestions for getting around 1Password extension showing for this sort of form?

  • ag_jarekag_jarek

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    @hendore hmm, that's a tough one. Your best option for now is going to be to use the "Hide on this page" feature:

    This will hide 1Password on whatever page you happen to be on. (Click the "Suggestions" bar at the bottom of the menu that appears under the field to get here.)

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