Google Pixel 3 Titan M Security Chip

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Looking at the new Pixel - it does not have a fingerprint reader, or face recognition but it does have something called a Titan M Security Chip.

No idea how this works in practical terms - but I don't want to have to type in my master password every time so how would 1Password work on this phone. I currently have an iPhone with fingerprint reader but I'm finally going to protest against apples lack of customer caring and design flaws by hurting them the only way I can - by not buying stuff from them.

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    Hi @davegarratt! The Pixel 3 does have a fingerprint sensor on the back (it's that circle below the camera in the center), and you'll be able to use it to unlock 1Password for Android. You'll need to remember your Master Password just like when using 1Password on iOS, but almost all the time you can unlock 1Password with your fingerprint—more on that and setup info just over here.

    As of now we don't know much about the Titan M security chip inside. It looks like it'll providing extra security to the lock screen and core operating system, which I'm all for :)

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