Can I use 1Password 6 with Mojave?

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I have a simple question, can I use 1Password 6 with Mojave? Odd I can't find an answer to this question in the site FAQ. I remember a discussion a while back that 1Password is now going subscription based, primarily. Although I believe there is also a relatively full priced way to stay with the stand alone version. I am not interested in revisiting that question here and now, but, I am still confused as I cant tell what will happen if I decided to allow my Mac to upgrade to Mojave today. If I upgraded to Mojave today, would it no longer allow me to run 1Password 6?

I can read that there is an issue where with Mojave you are no longer allowed to use autofill. Since 1Password 6 does use autofill, I am guessing that Mojave would not allow 1Password6 to run. And then I am back to the 1 Password7 upgrade - yes or no, question. Again, not interested in a debate of the merits of subscription based licensing being what some are willing to pay for or not. Personally, I am not.

But as 1Password has been a great app for me for many years now, it is wise to ask before leaping into Mojave if this also kills off my access to 1Password6. Yes? No?


1Password Version: 1Password 6 Version 6.8.9 (689001) AgileBits Store
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 10.13.6 (17G65)
Sync Type: Not Provided


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    @levelbest - yes. :) What you won't be able to do - at least, not for very long - is use 1Password 6 for Mac with Safari 12 (which is a default install in Mojave). That's due to Apple deprecating the older style of .safariextz extensions in favor of the new Safari App Extensions. They've already removed the ability of users to directly install extensions from developers; all new instances of older-style extensions must be downloaded from the Safari Extensions Gallery. And Apple have said they tentatively plan to shutter that around the end of the year. 1Password 7 for Mac includes this new SAE extension, but 1Password 6 for Mac does not and won't in the future. That means the end is in the not-too-distant future if you want to use version 6 of 1Password and you're a Safari user in Mojave. If you use Chrome or Firefox, this won't affect you, however.

    I can read that there is an issue where with Mojave you are no longer allowed to use autofill.

    Not so much Mojave as Safari 12, again. The mechanism we were using for auto-fill was a small script that simulated the press of the enter key on your keyboard after filling your credentials. Apple quite rightly pointed out that although there were perfectly legitimate uses of a script to simulate a key-press such as this, it was also the way some of the worst malware out there installed itself: by simulating the user pressing the enter or return key to install. Given that auto-fill doesn't exist in 1Password for iOS and the fact that Apple clearly intends for this not to be possible, we felt it was time to retire the feature rather than attempt to come up with creative and non-authorized ways to skirt this intended limitation. Auto-fill is gone and won't be returning (almost certainly), and while 1Password 6 for Mac will work in Mojave for now, that ability also looks to have an end in sight, at least for Safari users.

    Long story short, in general we don't recommend users try to "revert" or stick with a legacy version of anything, whether it's our software or macOS or anything else. It's just too difficult to maintain compatibility over multiple versions, as everything else continues to change and develop and new technologies are brought to market.

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