Synchronization between Windows 10 and Android

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I have a membership but can't synchronize 1Password between Windows 10 and two Android units. Why? As far as I understand I have the same account on all units.

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  • Hi @Eje. Can you please try adding a test item from each device, and then checking your account at to verify that the item synced? Let me know if the items are syncing to the web app. Thanks!

  • Eje
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    I have now added a test item on each device. My Android units (phone and tablet) synchronize but not my laptop. I can not find any meny option to synchronize either. The vault is described as "On this pc".

  • AGAlumB
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    @Eje: Then that vault isn't in account; it's a local vault stored only on that device. Have you signed into a account in the app?

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