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When I cmd-tab (or open 1password using spotlight) I notice that the latest version (7.2.1) frequently does not appear with the focus in the text box 'Enter Your Master Password' - am I doing something wrong? Is this managed by the app or by my OS? is there any way for me ti influence this behavior and encourage it to happen consistently.

I may be wrong but I believe prior versions (v6.x) consistently displayed this behavior. This allows me to keep my fingers on the keyboard (e.g. cmd+tab for spotlight, type '1pass', hit enter when the 1password app appears in 'top hit', type my master password...). When the focus doesn't appear in the text field, I have to use the mouse.

Thanks for making this tool, I'm a fan.

1Password Version: 7.2.1
Extension Version:
OS Version: macOS 10.14
Sync Type: 1password family account


  • Hi there, @bsholdice. This is not behavior that I've noticed. When the main 1Password window is brought forward the Master Password field is given focus.

    is it possible that Touch ID is playing a part here (do you have a Touch ID Mac)? That's one of the things I can think of that would take focus away from 1Password, but then you'd just unlock with your finger and there wouldn't be an issue with keyboard focus.

    Do you ever see this behavior when 1Password is already unlocked and you ⌘+Tab to it? When 1Password is unlocked the focus should automatically be in the search field at the top of the item list. If you're not seeing that either than something else may be going on.

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