Upgraded to 1password 7 (Mac) - master password on (iphone app) didn't update? is that correct?

I upgraded my beloved 1password v6 application on my new Macbook to 1password 7. I am not sure I follow what's happening here.

I have had two vaults configured for several years now.
- icloud (Primary) . - This one is only used by me.
- dropbox (Family) - This one is shared with my wife.

?? Is dropbox not used anymore? - Should I delete the dropbox vault now that its been converted to 1password v7

My wife and I can both add items and view items in the family vault.

I have the ios 1password app on my iphone and so does my wife. We both use that quite often and we both have access to the family vault.

After the upgrade (subscription account), I see that both my vaults were migrated and duplicated. I was instructed to create a NEW master password during the upgrade process. The NEW master password does not match my old master password that I was using for 1password v6.

?? On my iphone, I added the account to my 1password app and I now see the new vaults (I now see 4 vaults because it looks like it just copied them to a new location on 1password servers). My master password I use to unlock the iphone 1password app is still using my OLD password. My mac now only opens the 1password app with my NEW master password. Did I do something wrong here?

What I would like to have is the same master password for all the 1password (both on my mac and my ios device)?

1Password Version: 7
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  • Quick clarification..

    The master password for the app on my ios device & my app on my mac is now different than the master password on the website. When you update the master password, say on the ios app for example does that change the password for all my apps?

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @kriersd

    The migration process should’ve prompted you to remove the old Primary vault, but it sounds like that did not happen. When there is a Primary vault present the Master Password of that vault unlocks 1Password, instead of your 1Password account password. The Primary vault must always be the last deleted standalone (non-membership) vault. Here is what I’d recommend:

    1. Log in at https://my.1password.com and make sure you can see all of your 1Password data there, including the vault you share with your wife
    2. If you do, delete the standalone vaults from your devices:


    1. Switch to the Family vault (Dropbox)
    2. Delete the vault by selecting 1Password > Delete vault
    3. Switch to the Primary vault
    4. Delete the vault by selecting 1Password > Delete vault
    5. If step 4 does not work you may need to select 1Password > Preferenes > Advanced and UNcheck Allow creation of vaults outside 1Password accounts


    1. Tap Settings > Vaults > Family (Dropbox)
    2. Tap Delete Vault
    3. Tap Settings > Vaults > Primary
    4. Tap Delete Vault

    I hope that helps!


  • Actually it id prompt me to remove the old vaults. I was a bit nervous to delete anything at that point, just to be on the safe side. I had 2 vaults (Primary on icloud - Family on Dropbox) .. Now when I log in to 1password site I see (Personal & Family) vaults. When I log in with my 1password app on my mac I see 4 vaults (Personal, Family) under my new 1password subscription account and I see a primary on icloud and a family vault on drop box). That's probably because I choose to not delete them right. If I understand you correctly, I can now safely delete the vault on Dropbox and the one on icloud. Is that correct?

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Yep. :)


  • What if I DON'T delete the "primary" vault on my iOS device. Keep it there forever. It's a one-time snapshot back up of my passwords. Seems the only downside is that I'll have to use the old PW to open 1P on the phone, but the new Master PW to open 1PW on the computer.

    I have told 1P on the phone to always show PRIVATE vault, not "Primary".

    To AgileBits: You've done an amazing array of stuff right and great, but when migrating to "Account," letting one of of the first choices be "Delete Primary Vault? Y/N," I'm sorry but that's not good user design. Can you consider a change: On migrating, automatically copy the Primary vault, change the vault shown to Private, leave Primary in the background, and tell the user "You can delete Primary when comfortable; you probably won't have any use for it."?

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    We really should just automatically delete it. It causes a huge amount of headaches. :( The largest one is that folks say "I'll keep it just in case," forget that they have it, and forget that it has a separately maintained Master Password than their 1Password.com account. So they change their Master Password on one of their devices that still has the Primary vault, which only changes it for the Primary vault (not 1Password.com) and then forget their 1Password.com password. They are then locked out of their account with no way to recover.

    While you're not wrong, from a support perspective, I really can't recommend that anyone using 1Password.com keep a Primary vault.


  • Ben, thank you for the clear response. OK, I'll delete it.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Excellent. Thanks for the update @SallyShears. :)


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