Problem with lizenz on secand Computer [DE]

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First sorry for my english. I am a german user and my english is not that good. That's why I let my German text translated by the Google translator.

I have the following problem:
Yesterday I bought a Famaly subscription on Sunday. I was able to set the license for 1Password on my computer (Win 10) and unlock the program.
Now I also want to license 1Password on my Windows notebook. Unfortunately, I do not succeed.
Can someone tell me exactly what to do?

Many greetings


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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @Tommi1962

    Could you please describe the problem you’re having on the Windows notebook for us? Are you getting an error message? If you have a 1Password Families subscription this process should be as easy as signing in to your 1Password account on each device.

    Please let me know.


  • Hello!

    The problem has just been resolved. You have to apologize. But I'm blind and working with ScreenReader. This sometimes makes the operation a bit more difficult. Now I have done it.
    But I still have a question.
    I have the extension installed in Google Chrome. If I want to sign up for a website using 1Password, I'll open Google Chrome and open 1Pssword Mini, the extension in Chrome.
    Then I select the website from the list and confirm with Enter on the entry.
    Normally, as I understand it, 1Password Mini should now close and the website open and 1Password will log me in automatically. So it is set at least in the settings. But do not do it with me. It then opens any menu and somehow opens in the end, only the website but I'm not logged in then.
    1. How exactly do I have to proceed in the 1Password extension so I am automatically logged in?
    2. In theory, can I somehow automatically log in to websites via the desktop version of 1Password? Or does this work only from the extension of 1Password?
    Thanks for your response in advance.

    Best regards


  • brentybrenty

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    @Tommi1962: I am sorry for the difficulty. I think it may be best if you explain in your native language, and then I'll have a German-speaking colleague help.

    Google translation:

    Es tut mir leid für die Schwierigkeit. Ich denke, es ist am besten, wenn Sie es in Ihrer Muttersprache erklären, und dann habe ich einen deutschsprachigen Kollegen, der Ihnen hilft.

  • Hallo!

    Ok, dann versuchen wir es in deutsch.
    Mein derzeitiges Problem ist, dass ich in 1Password unter Windows mit einem ScreenReader (aber auch ohne getestet durch meine sehende Frau) keine meiner in 1Password eingetragenen Webseiten aufrufen kann und mich einloggen kann.
    Ich habe die Erweiterung für Google Chrome installiert. Ich gehe wie folgt vor:
    1. Ich öffne Chrome.
    2. Ich öffne 1Password Mini in Chrome.
    3. Ich wähle eine Webseite aus der Liste aus und drücke Enter-Taste.
    4. Nun hat sich die Seite zwar geöffnet, aber 1Password hat mich nicht direkt angemeldet.
    Wie muß ich verfahren, damit ich auf den ausgewählten seiten direkt auch angemeldet werde?
    Vielen Dank für ihre Hilfe.


    Thomas aus Berlin

  • Hallo Thomas, sprichst Du vom automatischen Einloggen, sobald 1Password die Daten ausgefüllt hat?

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