1 PW Updater on Dock with Mojave Upgrade - "Cant find 1PW App"

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Love 1PW app and it works well across all my devices. I updated to Mojave today and the 1PW updater appears in my dock now. When I select it it appears to do a short process and states unable to find the application. I have opened and run my current version 7.2.01 and it appears to be working fine. I wondered if there is an update specific to Mojave I need to do or what shall I do with the updater?


1Password Version: 7.2.1
Extension Version: 7.2.1
OS Version: Mojave
Sync Type: iCloud I believe :)
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  • danco
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    I'm not on Mojave myself, but I think that the default for the Mojave dock is to include recently used apps. So the updater is there but there are no actual available updates. I think it may be possible to remove the option to show recent apps, so the updater would only appear when there is an update.

  • Lars
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    @drohr - I'm sorry for the confusion. This is a feature new to Mojave that was introduced by Apple; the "Recent Applications" feature that has always been present in the Apple Menu (although there, it's "Recent Items" and includes both Apps and actual files), has been added to the Dock. You can toggle the feature on or off in System Preferences > Dock via the checkbox there.

    The updater is a small, separate application whose only function is to update your version of 1Password after one has been found via checking for it. Accessing the updater directly by double-clicking it to launch "short-circuits" this process.

    Like most software, the recommended, built-in way to check for updates is to use a menu item in the application itself. In the case of 1Password, that item is 1Password > Check for Updates. You can also use Preferences > Updates > Check Now. When you use either of those two methods, the main 1Password app will launch the separate updater app and report its installed version to the updater, which will then check it against what is reported as the newest version on the server. If the updater finds a newer version on the server, it will do its only task: download the new version, quit the existing version you have currently running, install the new one, and quit itself.

    But when you double-click the updater directly, this process will fail because the updater doesn't have know the currently installed version of 1Password you have installed. In a properly-initiated update check (from within 1Password), the updater is expecting to receive that info (installed version) from 1Password: the current version is reported by the main 1Password app to the updater, which then checks against the server. So, when you double-click the updater directly, that part of the process that's supposed to happen is bypassed, and you (will always) get the "Failed to find the version of installed 1Password application" error.

    Since the updater IS a small, separate application, that apparently countsfor Mojave's purposes, and so, when you've recently checked (automatically or manually) for updates in the correct way, you'll then see the updater listed in the Recent Applications section of the Dock until you open enough other applications (2 or 3) to bump the updater out of "recent."

    The recommended method of checking for updates is still what it has always been: from within 1Password. And clicking the updater itself will always fail if done directly. Just...don't click it. If it really bothers you, you can turn off the "Show recent applications in the Dock" feature of Mojave in System Preferences > Dock. Hope that helps! :)

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