iMac v. 7 non-responsive AND others do work - can iMac's be reinstalled?

User error I'm sure - but iOS and older MBPro working on 6.8. Today cannot get any response from v. 7 on iMac. Can I do some sort of uninstall and re-install of the iMac? My backup is to Dropbox. I have the Membership.

1Password Version: 6.8.9 / v 7
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 10.11.6 & High Sierra
Sync Type: Dropbox
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    @mary_hodges - I'm sorry for the trouble! However, just from your description, I'm not sure that re-installing 1Password 7 for Mac will be of any use to you. I'm not sure it wouldn't, either, just...not enough information to be sure of where the problem might lie. What do you mean when you say "cannot get any response"? What specific steps are you taking, and what's not working the way you expect?

  • Sorry, my response just vanished, a Senior Moment indeed.

    "Non-responsive" was the phrase my iMac gave me as neither the Dock, the icon in the menubar or the mini in the browser would open 1Password up to the login stage. I was able to access my membership account through the regular browser and that was a good thing.

    My eagerness to revisit a webinar addressing a new way to deal with my digital images made me not think of the logical process of shutting down and restarting my Mac. This is an all too frequent habit of my untrained mind I'm afraid. I was afraid I was being inconsistent in my backup location, iCloud on this Mac, Dropbox on my others or…the two versions not syncing well. Whatever, the problem for the moment is solved to the point that I can use the iMac's 1P to open the account to the webinar.

    Lars, I will readdress my issue if it reappears, and at least try to track down the advice on what version El Capitan on the MBP should have and CAN 2 Macs in the same Membership play nicely with 2 1P versions.

    Thanks for your offer to help.


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    To clarify, if you have a membership, it would be best to use that to store and sync your encrypted data, not Dropbox or iCloud. I think that might go a long way to avoiding confusion in the future. Let me know if you need help with anything!

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