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Is it possible to create a secure note with contents that isn't visible by default? That is, that it operates like a password field, where you have to intentionally reveal or copy the contents to the clipboard?

1Password Version: 7.2.1
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  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @nferch - nope. :)

    That may be my shortest reply in history on this forum. :)

    To ruin my record, Secure Notes aren't meant to be obfuscated by the 1Password UI -- they're already encrypted by 1Password itself, and having a note, full of freehand information, not-visible unless you click something first isn't a great UI. I'd consider attaching something that sensitive as a Document or Attachment, or simply not accessing it in any environment you consider hostile or potentially hostile.

  • @Lars In this case it might be easier to consider what I'd like to protect here as multiple (or multi-line, in the case of a private key block) passwords. The UI protects passwords from attacks such as shoulder-surfing, cameras, and the like, what I'd essentially like is a password field that could span multiple lines.

    Your suggestion of attaching it as a document makes sense but raises other security and ease-of-use concerns (e.g. I'd prefer to not have to save it to a file, and have to remember to remove it when I'm done).

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    @nferch - I'll certainly pass along your request to the team; thanks for taking the time to share your use-case with us. :)

  • +1 on this.
    Coming from Apple's Keychain where you can add secure notes that need to be unlocked like any other password, I find it surprising to find 1Passsword UI being subject to shoulder surfers etc. Attaching a document is not a good option as you then end up with a copy of the document, however briefly, on the local file system.

    Indeed, I have 60+ such notes I was planning to migrate to 1Password, but now I'm reconsidering

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Thank you for the feedback @goron59! You can always create a custom field, set it to type "password", and paste your note in there. It might not be great to look at, but it would do exactly what you would like it to do :)

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