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Hi, I'm helping a friend. Her credit card on file with 1P account needed to be cancelled due to a security breach with the credit card company. She received email from 1P about failed payment with option to resolve by logging in to change billing, etc. At my.1password.com on macOS 10.14 Safari 12 it has her email address and secret key but when I enter the master password I get an error: Cannot sign in. TypeError: Only ArrayBuffer and ArrayBufferView objects can be passed as CryptoOperationData. 1P seems to be working well on three devices, we can open the vault, etc. but cannot sign in on the web to update the account. Maybe she inadvertently has two accounts? Suggestions to resolve? Thank you.

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  • Hi again. I was able to get around this by logging in to the account with Chrome rather than Safari, and by entering email address, secret code, and password manually- was able to get right in and change billing info. To forum moderators: please feel free to add helpful commentary to this post or feel free to delete, as my request is resolved for now. Thanks.

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    @convint - Thanks for the update. I'm glad your friend was able to sign in and resolve her issues, and I’d like to be able to say I’m glad I helped you get things squared away, but since you appear to have solved the problem by yourself, I can’t hardly claim any credit for it. :-) However, around here, we’ve learned to call a win a win whether we had a hand in it or not. We'll have a look at potential Safari issues, though I've had no problems signing into 1password.com accounts from the new Safari 12. Thanks for the heads-up. :)

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    Hi, @convint.

    I've only seen a few reports of this issue, and none of them were using Safari 12 and macOS 10.14. I've not been able to persuade anyone else to send me some diagnostic information to help figure this out. If you're up to it, could you try again in Safari and send me the console log when it errors? Here's how to find and send the log:


    You can send it to [email protected] When you do, include a link to this thread in your email. You'll also get an automatic reply with a support ID. Paste that here so I can find your email.


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