Is there another way to set up a team member other than an email invitation?


None of the email invitations that I have sent to my team members have been received. They are not in the spam or junk folders. I have resent them a few times now. Is there another way to set up a team member?

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  • timwoodburn
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    Thanks for that info.. The issues I am having is with verification emails. I have emailed the link to a team member, they have entered their email address and the screen comes up with Check Your Inbox! but the email never arrives. Its not in junk or spam. Any other ideas? Thanks.

  • thightower
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    Ah I see, sorry, that would be a question for the staff. I don't have any access to such resources as email systems.

    Have you tried with an alternate domain, maybe a public one like iCloud and or Gmail ? I am assuming the domain email you are using is a private one? You could use a temporary account, and or a guest account for your testing. I would try a guest account personally as it would not entail you needing to alter any already setup accounts etc,,

    I only mention this, as I have had iCloud silently filter my mail in the past and my sent mail never get to my recipient. I ended up logging into gmail and sending the message again. At which time the user finally received the message.

    Those messages were also not in the recipients junk or spam folders. * To the best of my knowledge.

  • isha_ag
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    Certain users (with a specified email domain) can also sign up through a "secret link". You can set this up through the Invitations page. Anyone with an email address from an allowed domain can join your team account by the link you set up.

    Also, if you'll share the details with us at we can look into why email isn't being delivered, though we don't have any direct control over 3rd parties.

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