Feature Suggestion: TouchID on iphone to unlock Mac App

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Sorry if this isnt the right area of the forum for this, if not please move it to the correct section of the forum.
Using the recent microsoft authenticator app on my iphone to authorize a sign in on my mac, I thought of all the mac users without touch ID on their computer (Macbook air 2012 here and mac mini 2012) I would really like the option to instead of typing out my incredibly long master password to unlock my vault on my mac, i think it would be handy to have a notification pop up on my iphone lock screen and when i tap it 1 password prompts me to unlock with my fingerprint and the mac vault unlocks. Either over bluetooth or wifi or however they make the magic work. Would this be possible?

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  • Lars
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    Welcome to the forum, @thisguyneil! I'd love something like that as well, but unfortunately the magic that makes that work is an API that Apple hasn't released to us. If they do, we'd be probably on it from day one...but until then any sort of "unlock from Apple Watch" or "unlock from phone" would involve storing your Master Password somewhere, and we just aren't going to do that in an insecure way. Thanks for asking, however! :)

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