Is there the possibility to mix up plans in a company (Teams plan & Business plan)?


For example - 10 Members are using "Team plan" and 10 are using "Business plan"

If yes - how I can do this?

thx. ingo

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  • Hello @iwurzer,

    Unfortunately it is not possible to do this with only one account. If you wanted to have 10 members using the Teams plan and 10 members using the Businesses plan you would have to have two separate accounts.

    Having two accounts would mean that shared vaults would only be accessible to the 10 people on the account the vault is created under. It would be much more work to maintain these two accounts.

    I would recommend deciding if you need the features of a Business account and having all 20 members on a Business or Team plan.

    You can of course create trial accounts for both the Team plan and Business plan. Try them out and see which would work best for your team.

  • iwurzer
    Community Member

    Thanks a lot for your fast answer!
    Maybe you can take this "feature" in your backlog! :thumbsup:

  • Will do! :)

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