What is a point of storing Secure Key hard copy?

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I am reading that 1Passwords's advise is to print the pdf of emergency kit and write down master password on it and then store it securely for example with a passport.
I thought that the argument for using password managers in the first place was not to write them down on a piece of paper, which I could also store securely or have with me.

At the end of the day if somebody steals my passport with the Emergency Kit, they will get access to all my passwords in 1Password.com, isn't that right?

Could someone please shed some light on the rationale behind the Emergency kit.

many thanks

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  • danco
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    The Secret Key should definitely be stored, as there's no convenient way to memorise it and it is needed in some rare cases. It's less clear for the Master Password, though even there I think it should be stored.

    The clue is in the words Emergency Kit.

    What happens if you die, become incapacitated, or the like? Without the secret key and master password, your executors/carers have no access to you account.

    You might want to keep the Emergency Kit in a safe deposit box, or in a sealed envelope with your will or the like. Certainly, though you might want to have the secret key with you, if you write down the master password you would want to be sure it is stored securely

  • Ben

    I think danco has hit on some important points. At the end of the day you have to evaluate which threats you personally face and what measures are appropriate considering, but consider this: what will you do if you lose access to your authorized devices (via loss/theft/damage/whatever) and need to access your 1Password data? The Emergency Kit can be extremely handy in a situation like that. It may not be something you want to travel with depending on your circumstances but I'd certainly suggest having one somewhere.


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