TOTP/Duo Enforceability & 2FA Enrolment Status

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Following a successful trial - we're rolling out 1Password to our <200 employees.

While TOTP authentication exists, the only enforceable option is Duo. However, the Duo offering isn't suitable for us (complete enforcement presents a range of other issues). We'd like to be able to enforce TOTP/Duo as a policy option to a subset of users/specific user groups.

Also, could we see a users 2FA enrolment status on their profile? instead of having to run a report. I've not yet had a chance to interrogate command line but I'd also like to see 2FA enrolment status under 'get user', if not already existing functionality.

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  • Hello @eg_je,

    You are correct that the only enforceable 2FA method currently is Duo. We would definitely like to improve this for our business customers.

    Your suggestion of including this enrolment status on user profile data is a good one. I will pass that on.

    We appreciate the great feedback! Please do let us know if you have any more suggestions in the future.

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