Some sites have restrictions on passwords: 6 or 8 or less than 20 characters. How can I adjust?

Many sites define and restrict password criteria. ex 6 or 8 characters or no special characters. How can I use 1password in this situation?

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  • danco
    Volunteer Moderator

    In the Password generator page of 1PW Mini there are sliders for length and number of symbols. Unfortunately, sites vary so greatly on what symbols they accept that, apart from using no symbols, you just have to keeptrying until you get a password whose symbols are accepted.

  • littlebobbytables
    1Password Alumni

    Hi @Soludag1A,

    Part of me wonders if you're using the 1Password X extension and you're referring to the suggested password in the inline menu, the one that appears connected to the field. I'm thinking of there because that one cannot currently be modified before being used.

    If you find a site where the inline suggested password just won't work you can access a slightly more powerful version from the 1Password X button in the browser toolbar. In there you will find an option titled Password Generator and not only can you modify the parameters but you can also edit the password before filling. This part is consistent with the Password Generator in both 1Password for Mac and 1Password for Windows although 1Password 7 for Windows only uses an icon in the sidebar rather than than the text Password Generator.

    I hope something in either this or danco's reply helped, if you still have questions or something isn't clear please let us know.

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