Filling passwords in Chrome or Android Web View in apps with TalkBack

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Hi everyone!

I am new to the 1Password for Android, and to the beta, too. I am happy to see that the latest update contains improved labels for TalkBack users.

However, there is a problem if some apps open in-browser web pages and want a log in. I hear "Fill in with 1Password" when the keyboard comes up, but I don't find that item on the screen to actually interact with it with TalkBack (touch to get the frame around it, then double-tap to activate). There are other instances where I see that prompt with TalkBack, such as in some other apps, but not if a web view is opened from within an app. The prompt disappears a second or two after it appeared, which is the time my synth has finished speaking it. It reappears and disappears while I type, but I never have a chance to actually "catch" it.

Is there a trick to this? Or is this something that's not properly working yet?

Any help appreciated!

Android 8.1.0 on a Nokia 8, but have also seen it on a Nexus 6P on Android 8.1 as well.

Both latest 7.0.8 as well as 7.1 betas affected.


1Password Version: 7.0.8
Extension Version: n/a
OS Version: Android Orio 8.1.0
Sync Type:


  • Hi @MarcoZ. Thanks for reaching out! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the improvements we made to accessibility.

    As to your issue, I've tested this out on my end, and I'm not seeing it. Do you have the 1Password accessibility service enabled for filling, or are you just using Autofill. Also, on my end, I tested opening a webview from the Gmail app, then filling in that site. When I did this, the 'Autofill with 1Password' pop up appeared and stayed on screen until I canceled it. However, this was using the accessibility service. Can you try enabling 1Password's accessibility service if it's not already enabled, and letting me know if that helps?

  • MarcoZ
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    Hi @peri, thanks for your reply! I do have the accessibility service enabled, and it works fine in other apps such as Fitbit, MyFitnessPal or such. The only thing that gives me trouble is Chrome WebViews, for example when trying to log in via the Tusky Mastodon client and getting an instance's login form. I hear the "fill in with 1Password" message, but when I search for it on the screen, it cannot be found with TalkBack, so I cannot activate it.


  • Thanks for the info, @MarcoZ. I'll install this app and try to test this out on my end, and I'll get back to you after. :)

  • Hey @MarcoZ. Sorry, but I haven't yet been able to reproduce this issue. Can you please email [email protected] with a few more details? For instance, I'm signing in with the social instance, so I wonder if you're using some other instance (as I'm not too familiar with this app myself). Thanks!

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