I don't understand how to use this on my tablet

I'm totally confused.
I have the app on my password and I get the vault unlock screen, so I type in the master password and the vault disappears and I get my browser.
Except how do I then get any of the passwords into the browser? None of the sites are auto filling.
I go back to the vault and its locked again, so I unlock and it disappears again, back to the browser, nothing autofills and so I go round and round and round in circles and can't log in to anything.
Why is this so difficult? Why does it just not work? Why can't I see inside my vault on tablet? I unlock and it disappears.

Combined with the problem on my laptop (see other support thread), I now have two laptops, two tablets and two phones all supposedly connected to 1password and yet only 1 laptop can actually log into anything. Now all my other devices are useless. Security is one thing, but this is ridiculous!

And for a premium service where it's paid for, why is there no support number? Do we really have to write here in the forum and wait for someone to type a reply? Please can someone from support contact me Asap. Thank you. I'm really frustrated.

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  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @diverdeb,

    Any answer is probably going to be quite specific to the platform, by which I mean answers and solutions for 1Password for iOS may not be the same as 1Password for Android. Unfortunately when you say tablet that could mean either an Android tablet of which I believe there are many or you may be referring to an iPad. Once we know this I can make sure the right people see your query and we can start the troubleshooting :smile:

    Support is available in one of two ways. There is our public support forum and we do monitor them, it isn't only user to user support here. We reply to each thread even if it's only to say that the answer provided by a user is what we would have said. We also have support via email as well though and that can be initiated through our contact form if you prefer that route.

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