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    Ben, I am not certain this is the right topic string but I have a question. I have a stand alone 1Password account and a family account. all was working well with my stand-a-lone account. I had my Macbook Pro wiped clean to remove some junk, a virtual enema of sorts. I was running 1Password 6 I believe. after the Clean out I downloaded 1Password 7 and tried to migrate my 1Password.agilekeychain. from dropbox. I could clearly see the agilekeychain in my dropbox but the file did not end in ".opvault". so It would not migrate. I changed the name of the file ending and then it allowed me to choose it by the keychain did not upload. Everywhere else I go I am being prompted for a secrete key but my standalone account does not have one. Can you help me?

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    @jtelega123 - at the risk of sounding pedantic, there is no such thing as a "standalone account." An account refers to a account, with data stored and synced via the servers, paid for via a monthly or annual subscription. "Standalone" refers to local 1Password data you store on your device and choose to sync manually using one of our approved 3rd party sync solutions such as Dropbox or iCloud.

    If you have Agile Keychain files in Dropbox, then you're using standalone data. In 1Password 7 for Mac, you can choose File > Import and select the "1Password keychain" option, which will allow you to import an Agile Keychain into 1Password. You'll then need to set up syncing manually again, since you're no longer using the same keychain.

    I'm not sure why you're getting a prompt to use a Secret Key; can you tell me where you're seeing that? A Secret Key is part of a account, so you'd only have one if you had a 1Password membership.

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