Mac right-click to change password

Went to a website to change my password. Confidently right-clicked the New Password field and chose the 1Password option.

My memory, possibly wrong, is that this used to put me IN the generator, and what I did there would appear in the desired field on the target website. I'd press Go, the password would be updated, and 1PW would ask me if I wanted to save the updated password.

I got the main 1Password window, in which the generator was one of the options. I made a new password and returned to the website and I am not sure where it left me but I can't log into that site now. And 1PW generated a new entry that I didn't want (may have been confused because target site allows email OR username and I was using username, 1PW generated one for email addy. Which means it wouldn't ask me if I wanbt to save my update.

Would you please clarify?

I don't want to try another PW reset at that site till I know what I'm doing.

1Password Version: 7.2.2
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OS X 10.14.1
Sync Type: Not Provided
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  • TimInBC
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    Oops, this may be in the wrong section - can someone please move it to Mac?

  • littlebobbytables
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    Greetings @TimInBC,

    As it relates to the browser I've moved your query to saving and filling.

    I'm having a little trouble trying to disentangle what happened so please bear with me.

    You've reached the change password form for a site, you've right clicked on the field and selected the 1Password contextual option. At this point 1Password mini should appear but by default I believe it would place you in the Suggested Items section - I don't believe we have any code that can infer you likely want the Password Generator next. Now it's having to rely on your memory, which is hopefully better than mine (which is awful, I hold my hands up to that) but does this look like what you saw?

    and then

    Again, so easy not to have noticed at all but by any chance do you remember if 1Password seemed to correctly identify the site, did it start off by showing you matching Login items? The reason for asking is just to see if we know if everything seemed to be linked and working at the time.

    If at this point you used the Fill button 1Password will have created a Password item containing the generated password and assuming a link to the extension, the URL of the page that was open at the time.

    If you submitted the change password form one of two things could have happened. If 1Password recognised what was happening it should have prompted, defaulting to the update existing option. Instructing 1Password to update at this point would have replaced the existing password of that Login item and then removed the now redundant Password item. If 1Password didn't prompt the Password item will be retained as it may still be needed as a safety net.

    Any filling with the Password Generator though wouldn't submit a change password form so I'm struggling a bit to understand everything that might have happened during the "I made a new password and returned to the website and I am not sure where it left me but I can't log into that site now." part.

    I would check the password history of your Login item for that site, something each Login item has after you've changed the password at least once. They contain the timestamps of when they went from being the current password to being part of the password history. Along with that, if 1Password didn't prompt to update you might want to see if you can see a Password item in your default save vault that matches the domain. Hopefully between these you find the current password.

    Please do let me know how you get along.

  • TimInBC
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    Thanks. I'll retry with screen captures and get back to you.

  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @TimInBC,

    Now it possibly doesn't need said but I do like to be cautious. Please do check any screenshots to make sure they don't reveal anything. This forum is public and any thread can be viewed even without an account. Thankfully rare but once in a while somebody will say something they really wouldn't want shared with the internet at large :smile:

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