"Couldn't connect to 1Password" error in Chrome extension

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New MBP13 running latest version of MacOS, completely updated. Newly installed 1Password7 from the App Store. Newly installed Chrome browser. Newly installed 1Password7 browser extension, and it pops up with the "Couldn't connect to 1Password" error.

  1. 1Password7 is open, unlocked, and functional (1Password 7 Version 7.2.2 (70202007) Mac App Store)
  2. Chrome is on the very latest stable build (Version 70.0.3538.110 (Official Build) (64-bit))

I've uninstalled and reinstalled the extension several times, and have restarted the machine more times than I care to remember. What am I doing wrong, and how do I fix it?

1Password Version: 1Password 7 Version 7.2.2 (70202007) Mac App Store
Extension Version:
OS Version: MacOS 10.14.1 (18B75)
Sync Type: Cloud


  • vplewis
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    @kmichels Are 1Password and Chrome both in /Applications? If not, move them there, restart and retry.

  • caerk
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    edited December 2018

    @kmichels Try enabling "allow access to file URLs" in the extension's settings, then restarting 1Password. That worked for me.

  • Lars
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    Welcome to the forum, @kmichels! I'm sorry for the delay in our response here. I'm wondering if you're still having this issue, since you didn't respond to @vplewis or @caerk. Can you let us know?

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