How can I enforce password security standards on my team?


I want to make sure they use secure passwords to open the 1password app. How can I enforce that ? I don't see it in settings.

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  • AGAlumB
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    @dglasgsal: It's a really good question. (Un)fortunately, since all user data is encrypted and not accessible either to you or to us (except, of course, that you can access your own data since you have the "keys" to decrypt it, which no one else has), there really isn't any way for us to crack that whip for you. A lot of it is going to be education and setting standards yourself in your organization for security, just as you do with things like any job responsibilities or time off. And, ultimately, you just don't have any control over the types of passwords allowed by different services anyway, and trying to force behaviour without people understanding the purpose just results in them trying to find ways around it (as NIST has learned over the years). That's why education is so important.

    However, while you don't have control over data belonging to other people, reports can be generated for shared data and users themselves. There's a good overview here:

    Create reports in 1Password Business

    And some more concrete examples on the blog:

    Learn how your business is using 1Password with reports

    But since you weren't specific about what you had in mind, I'm just sort of rambling. I'd love to hear the sorts of things you'd envision. Again, you and I only have access to our own data, but there may be other things that help, both in 1Password itself and by helping to educate people more and more about security hygiene. :)

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