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When we create a new user login for some of our IT systems, we need to be able to securely share a password with a team member. It shouldn't go into the team vault, it's for their eyes only. Currently I can't see any way to share this privately? Ideally I'd like to be able to push passwords to the private vault of that user securely through 1password (something that 1password offers).

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    There's item sharing which should let you share items privately with a user: You can find it under "Share a Copy" in the same menu where you can send/move items to different vaults (icon with a square that has an arrow sticking out at the top, on the page where you can edit an item's details). Sharing an item this way will place the item into your team member's Private vault when they sign in. They're free to move the item to a different vault if they wish once they're received it.

    This is currently a beta feature, so you'll need to have those enabled in order to be able to share items privately this way. The UI is also a bit rough in some spots - for example, your recipient won't receive a notification when they receive an item. The item will be unceremoniously moved into their Private vault, so I would recommend letting them know beforehand about the item you'll be sending them. All they'll need to do is to head straight to their Private vault after signing in to their account (doing so on an app should work) to make sure they've received the item.

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