MS Edge/Windows autofill on login fields not working?


I have just started evaluation 1password. I use Win 10 1809 and mainly MS Edge. I have installed both the latest beta desktop app and the Edge extension (see versions below).

When I enter a page for which a login in saved in the vault, I can have Edge load it by manually clicking on the 1password extension logo and then manually asking to fill the details. On Firefox with the 1password X extension, the login form fields get highlighted and the login details immediately appear below the field. Am I doing something wrong in Edge or is this a limitation of the extension API etc?

1Password Version: 7.3.646
Extension Version: 7.2.583
OS Version: Win 10 1809
Sync Type:


  • Hello @wigster,

    You're using two very different extensions, both developed and maintained by us. The one you're using in Edge is what I tend to refer to now as the companion extension. It's the one we've used since 1Password 4 and as well as requiring the 1Password application it has no UI (User Interface) or any actual access to your vault(s). It's really just a bridge between the browser and 1Password and leaves everything to 1Password in terms of interaction and deciding what to fill.

    In contrast 1Password X was initially designed to work with platforms where we don't have a dedicated client e.g. ChromeOS and Linux. It only works with 1Password accounts and as it is a standalone extension it has to do everything 1Password for Windows does in terms of UI (User Interface), interacting with the server and so on.

    I don't have any roadmap that I could share but I believe we do want to see if we can make 1Password X work with Edge. In theory it should be possible, even this version of Edge shares a lot in common with Chrome but sometimes the differences can initially appear minor but have huge impact depending on what the extension needs to work.

    The companion extension is also available for Firefox, Chrome, Vivaldi, Brave and Opera as is 1Password X. So you can choose to use 1Password X with them or if maybe consistency is something you'd like you can use the companion extension instead. It's available on our "Downloads - 1Password" page just below the main link for the 1Password application; the first row is the companion extension and the second for 1Password X.

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